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I have been reluctant to post anything about Guantanamo Bay and the detainees there. My reasoning behind this is the unknown of what happens there. No matter what the news reports, what the committees find, and what the government says, we’ll never truly know the nature of what is taking place there. To add to that we will never really know if the men held there are innocent or guilty, though a lot of them were captured engaging U.S. and Pakistani troops.

The subject is a touchy one and frankly I’d like to stay away from it. I believe the men there deserve a trial, eventually. We don’t need to try these men quickly by any means. They are not subject to the rights given by the Geneva Convention because they were not in uniform, they tried to blend in with the civilian population, they did not carry their arms openly, and they did not wear a recognizable distinctive sign. They should not be tried as U.S. citizens because:

  1. They aren’t U.S. citizens
  2. They were arrested on foreign soil by U.S. soldiers

To me their status is in limbo and that’s the best way to describe it.

People say we should set them free or be better to them. Why? Because if we were in a similar situation we would want to be set free… No, I’m sorry, if I committed a crime and attacked innocent people or reigned a country with tyranny then no, I wouldn’t expect to be treated great or even well for that matter. When you commit an act then you have to face the consequences whether good or bad. If I go out and shoot someone then I better be prepared to face the consequences.


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