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Patrick has hinted at starting a podcast. I say go for it Patrick!

I have been listening to a few podcasts lately and I’m excited to see where the one at Pro-PHP goes. I do have a few quirks with podcasting though. A lot of podcasters feel that their background music/noise is ok… It’s not. Give me some introduction music and a little soothing background music but at least check the audio levels before you upload the file. I am listening to your podcast to hear you. I could care less about what elevator music you chose this week.

If you are going to be interviewing someone on your podcast please make sure that you have good software to record the conversation. I know it is hard to conduct interviews with people who are far away but I have listened to a few podcasts where the interviews were conducted over Skype and they were horrid. I couldn’t understand a single thing in some of them and sadly they were people who I really wanted to hear interviewed.

As soon as iTunes 5 comes out and the ability to add podcasts becomes a lot easier the number of podcasters is going to jump significantly. If you want listeners make sure that you create a professional, fun and enjoyable, and creative podcast. People won’t stop listening to you if you’re good.


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