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Caffeine has been one of my downfalls for a while now and over the last few months I have been trying to wean myself off of it. Progress has been made but I have always had an addiction to Iced Tea. Coffee was not hard at all to give up, plus I can drink decaf and be just fine, but Iced Tea has a completely different flavor when it is decaffeinated, well, to me at least.

I also have trouble with sodas. With Pepsi being one of my favorite drinks it’s hard for me to just give it up. Over the last few days I have been drinking decaffeinated versions of it as well and while the taste is a little different, it’s not half bad.

So why am I trying to get off of the caffeinated stuff? Lately I have not been sleeping well and I attribute it to using caffeine to keep myself alert most of the day. I have also been drinking everything but water lately and I think I need to get back to the basics and drink more of that, maybe it will make me feel better. Mostly it’s just to have a goal this summer. Give myself something shoot for before I head back to Lubbock and see if I can keep doing it when I get back up there and in my routine.


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