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After reading about Ronald McDonald being made into a fitness guru I’ve decided that McDonald’s should just shut their doors and never reopen. The line that caught my eye was that there are no hamburgers or fries in the new commercials. What?! How can you forget your main business? Your job is not to make people healthy, it’s to be there to sell hamburgers and french fries to the hungry.

Maybe what we need to do is have a limit on how much fast food people can eat. That way we can get rid of these ridiculous commercials… It is not the fact that people eat McDonald’s, it’s the fact that they eat it everyday. Or they eat it twice a day every other day.

Maybe all of the fast food joints should get together and start giving little counters out that after you’ve had fast food for 2 days a week you have to wait another week before you can get more. It’s all about moderation.


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