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The bloated menus at fast food restaurants are starting to get to me. I have been off of the “fast stuff” for a few weeks now but today I just needed a fix.

I drove to the nearest McDonald’s, walked in, and started reading the menu. As I was getting ready to order I heard the woman in front of me substitute her fries for fruit and her soft drink for milk. What?! Last time I checked this was a fast food joint and healthy food was served somewhere else. I am sorry, but McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Chick-Fil-A are not places you go if you want a healthy meal. I know I don’t. I go for the grease; Plain and simple. That’s the point.

But that’s where we are at as a society. We feel that is the restaurant’s fault for making us an obese nation, a heart-attack nation. It’s not so. We choose to eat at these places even though we know the risk.

It reminds me of the cigarette problem. It’s not the smoker’s fault for getting emphysema, it’s Philip-Morris’. Don’t step in the BS. I don’t care how much tar, or rat poison for that matter, is in those things, there is a warning on the side of the box, the side of the box!! specifically stating that it will cause cancer and is harmful to your health.

Then people bring up the addictiveness of cigarettes. Ok, so maybe they’re addictive, but do people really believe that they are less addictive than they were in the 1920’s? How ’bout 1890? They’ve been addictive forever. The point is moot.

Back on topic. I don’t want to read through 45 “health” menu items before getting to the artery clogging, cholesterol filled, carb stuffed food that I so desperately crave. That’s my plea, take the health junk off the menu, people can get that stuff at home if they want it so bad.


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