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What is going on with the weather? It was beautiful last week with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s but yesterday just turned nasty. I woke up and the temperature had dropped to 38 degrees and it was lightly raining. Turning on the TV I saw that it was no better anywhere else around West Texas. In Amarillo there was a light snow.

This just isn’t right. Every year the last winter storm has moved to a later date. Last year we had our last winter storm in early April, with a little snow and temperatures in the 30’s. The year before that we had a winter blizzard (well, to us Texas folks a blizzard) in late March with the temperature during the day hovering around 80 but that night the temp dropped to 28 and we received about a foot of snow.

If this trend continues we could have our last winter storm halfway through July. Weird stuff.


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