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Well I am just about fed up with my MIS Seminar class. To me, college courses should not consist of point-and-click instructions, even if it is a .NET class. Do not bore me, or the rest of the class with information that will not help us get ahead in the business world. Teach me things that are useful, things like creating a Web Service from scratch, transversing XML trees, and distributing a project across multiple developers in the IDE, especially with a tool like .NET.

There is no point in giving every person in the class the exact same project and making them all have UML diagrams, case studies, and screenshots for the entire project because you know what they learn from that? Nothing. Give us papers, assign us research, anything would be better than being thrown a generic project that does not illustrate the points a professor is trying to make.

If you are going to use .NET at least teach the proper way to create a Web Service and distribute across multiple projects. It is worse to give us the wrong information than none at all.

This could have and probably will be a whole lot longer.


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