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As I mentioned in my last post I mentioned starting to play with Ajax. Well, I have been informed that “Ajax” is a “stupid name”.

Ajax is a name for the grouping of XMLHttpRequest, DOM, and CSS together to create web applications that run seamlessly with the backend to add dynamic information to the page.

Well, the Ajax name was first used by the folks at Adaptive Path, who some believe coined the term just to get their name out there.

Do I really care? Not really, I know that I want to use XMLHttpRequest, DOM, and CSS to do some new and cool things and that’s that. I don’t really care about the name. I could just give it a name that suits me so that I don’t have to read out “We’ll be using XMLHttpRequest, DOM, and CSS” because that’s a mouthful (hmmm, maybe that’s why Adaptive Path came up with the name).


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