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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you probably noticed the “PowerBook Fund” piece on the left side. I’ll explain.

I am in the market for a 15″ PowerBook. Being an MIS student leaves me needing something to code on while I’m in class. I like being able to do what the professor is doing on screen and since all of my classrooms do not have computers sometimes I just do not have the opportunity to be the “hands-on learner”.

I have started my own little saving for the PowerBook but thought I would open it up for donations. I plan on buying a base 15″ model with a RAM upgrade. If you’d like to contribute feel free, any amount is greatly appreciated. I am going to be adding some stuff to the sidebar to convey my goal and how close I am to reaching it.

I am not the type for handouts but I really felt like asking loyal readers for contributions would not be a huge deal. The Google AdSense ads do not bring in a ton of money (very little actually) and contributions seem like a viable option.

If you have any questions about all of this you can e-mail me at s [at] badice dot com.


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