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After a few days here I have been pleased that we (Segars Communications) all came. Some panels have been great and others have been not so great.

As far as the 2005 Web Awards go, we sadly did not win. The folks at Cloud King took the award for best CSS design.

Right now I am sitting in Humor on the Web and they are bringing up some great points about making a living doing comedy on the net… Makes me think that maybe I should change the direction of this site, maybe it will take a comedic direction soon.

After this panel we are heading to Stubb’s and if you are in the mood for probably the best BBQ in Texas then join us around 12:45pm. I am looking forward to a chopped beef sandwich after a few days of strange foods (well, to me at least).

I will slowly be adding photos to my Flickr account. Stay tuned…


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