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I watched The Simpsons yesterday because they were going to announce a character coming out of the closet, which, is a big deal if you’re a Simpsons nerd like me. Well, the episode was a huge disapppointment. Besides the few witty remarks about different subjects the episode was like a lot of others this season, bland and somewhat boring.

Patty, Marge’s sister, was the character to come out of the closet, which if you watch the show is not much of a surprise.

Back on topic, I have felt that the Simpsons has gone down hill ever since Conan O’Brien left the show as a writer. In my opinion he is a lot of the reason the Simpsons was so successful. I have noticed that since he left Homer’s character does not have the “funny spark” that he used to. He lacks the sarcasm that made him great in seasons 5,6, and 7.

I just feel that the writers could do a lot better job of creating content for the show. The way things are going now I can imagine the show being taken off the air on Sundays after this season or next. And maybe that’s what Matt Groening wants so that he can pursue the full length motion picture about the Simpsons.



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  1. Mizuki #
    December 7, 2011

    I so agree with you! The older ones are way better, but nowadays, they are getting pretty corny and the jokes are really lacking that certain spark that makes me like The Simpsons. I guess after years and years, the writers are just stumped, you know? They put the show on the air anyway, and it just drawing the show closer and closer to being cancelled. I loved The Simpsons, though, and it had a long, really successful run, but I just guess that those little yellow people won’t make it as far as Matt Groening thought they would. The Simpsons will always be a classic to me, though.

  2. haha #
    January 18, 2012

    totally!!! the episodes are becoming boring and terrible! it isn’t even funny now… i miss the old episodes! they were so much better!!! well i guess that’s what you get when a series has about 20 seasons…

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