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We all know that doctors have the ability to make us feel better (or sometimes worse) and the power to prescribe powerful drugs to get over ailments, well, they also have the power to ruin your day.

I usually show up to the doctor 15-20 minutes before the appointment is scheduled just in case there is any paperwork or problems. Today was no different. My appointment was for 10:30am for a “progress” checkup. I sat in the waiting room until 11:15am when the doctor finally called me in and basically took 7 minutes to ask me a few routine questions run a quick eye coordination test and walk me out. I missed class for that!? A class that I had homework due in. Had the doctor got me into his office when my appointment was scheduled for I could have easily made it to my class, no sweat.

All doctors do this, I don’t think I’ve been to a single one that has actually been timely in getting me in and out. It’s just frustrating.


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