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I have noticed that since two semesters ago there has been a huge influx of iPods all over campus. I would say that 1 out of every 4-5 students has an iPod. This isn’t a scientific study, it is me just watching my surroundings and noticing what people are using to listen to music while they walk to class.

What does this mean for Apple? Well, they obviously have taken the market of harddrive MP3 players and are now moving into the flash based players with their iPod shuffle. You have to remember that by selling their players they are also selling iTunes and their music store which has become a huge source of revenue.

Apple is leading the way but will it lead to problems with their service and quality? I would certainly hope not but since they have already outsourced some of their support to India I can already see things taking a turn for the worst. I know that I do not want to pay $300 for the AppleCare plan and not be able to understand the person of the other end of the phone. This is one of those developing things that I hope Apple decides to take its time with and make sure it matures correctly.


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