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After reading some of the audits that were done on the U.N’s Oil-for-Food program by the former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker I do not understand why were are still a part of the organization. Oh, that’s right, we were one of the founding countries. It still boggles my mind that an organization that scolds the U.S. for invading Iraq, claiming we were in it for the oil, while they sit there and put money in their own pockets instead of helping the Iraqi people long before a war was necessary.

So who is responsible? Well, the obvious answer is Kofi Annan but I think that it goes deeper than that to the point where everyone who had an idea of what was going on with the program and how money was being moved from one pocket to the next is responsible. How the U.S. handles this and what they decide to do with their place in the U.N. is a huge issue at this point and I am interested to see what steps President Bush takes. I am guessing that he will welcome whoever is appointed the new Secretary General but be firm in his handshake to where people get the message.


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