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My prediction of the USC-Oklahoma game was way, way off. I thought that Oklahoma would come out looking to play and at first they did. Then the momentum shifted to USC and it was pretty much over by the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Oklahoma, in my opinion, looked much worse this year than they did last year against Kansas State and LSU.

USC saw an opportunity to show that they were the number one team in the nation and they took it. Does Auburn deserve to be up there with them? Yes. The BCS needs to be rethought and I would really like to see some kind of playoff, even if it’s a +1 type where two number ones square off and the third number one takes on the winner of that game. I really cannot see an 8 or 16 team playoff because of the length of time that would be added to the end of a season. Teams would playing into middle of the spring semesters and take away some of the crowds that attend/watch the college basketball action.


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