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I have dived into reading General Tommy Franks’ biography/memoir titled American Soldier and I have been thoroughly captivated to the point where I almost cannot put the book down.

Gen. Franks has an amazing story that begins with his upbringing in Midland, TX and moves through his time in the Army to his thoughts on present day events such as the war on terror and WMD.

The book explains a lot about how the first Gulf War was fought and how the implementation of techniques that Gen. Franks had devised helped win the war.

I am finding that a lot of the book has key points on leadership that apply not just to military personnel but to managers and bosses. Gen. Franks goes into great detail about how his decisions on and off the battlefield shaped his men and his family and how responsibility for ones actions means a lot to the people below you.

So far it is a great book and will probably get even better as I get deeper into it. Definitely pick it up as it is worth being read.


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