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To be honest I have been contemplating whether or not to write about this for a while now and tonight after reading some things on a website that I frequent I decided I should.

I, as a Christian, feel that mocking the Christian faith is wrong. Now, I know that it is going to happen from time to time and for the most part I keep my mouth shut or make a comment like ‘Hey, that isn’t necessary’ but I have come to realize that it is becoming more and more o.k. and almost encouraged to make fun of religion and in particular Christians.

There is no real reason that I can think of for the mockery except that some people actually believe that some of the extreme Christian Right sabotaged this year’s election or something idiotic like that.

I have seen comments making fun of the 700 Club, and granted, I do not really like the show but if you are non-Christian and you watch it, then it is your own fault. You have a remote, use it. Why complain about something that you have complete and utter control over? The Christians are not taking over television, you have nothing to fear. You can still see Janet Jackson’s breasts and Michael Jackson interviews on NBC, ABC, and CBS all you want. We are not invading your everyday life, in fact, if you have not noticed most of the things that were supposedly invading your everyday life are being removed (10 Commandments, Manger scene’s, etc.). My point is that the political correctness has finally reached a head in my mind and I am worn out by all of it.

I have to stop telling people ‘Merry Christmas’ because they may not celebrate it? Since when? If someone said ‘Happy Kwanzaa’ to me I would nod and smile and maybe respond with a ‘you too’ just out of sheer kindness. I would not take them to court over it let alone get bent out of shape.

What I find disheartening is the fact that a lot of this negativity is aimed directly at Christians. If any of the things that were being said/done to Christians were done to people of another faith those people would be up in arms about it. If a group of Muslims were told they could not have their prayer mats at a public park they would sue the city faster than you can imagine. I am tired of this “If you are going to have one faith you have to have them all” mentality, people need to get over themselves and realize that not everything is going to suit them all of the time and that people around them are not obligated to change everything to make them happy.

Sometimes people need to realize when to keep their mouths shut and their eyes open and understand that the only way to enjoy each other is to tolerate each other and that goes both ways.


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