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I have made a decent amount of purchases from the iTunes store (57 songs to be exact). I was recently prompted by iTunes to make sure that I backed up my music as it would be unrecovarble if my harddrive failed. Well, that is a refreshing thought, I pay that money to have them say “Well, you can’t download it again”…

That leaves me one option, go out and buy another, bigger harddrive. At first I thought I wanted an external drive by one of the big boy harddrive makers but after talking to Brandon I have decided that I will buy a regular harddrive (probably 80GB or 120GB) and an external enclosure for it. That way if the drive ever goes out I can just take it out of the enclosure and buy another one.

I guess that data loss is one of my biggest fears. I have a ton of music (I need to post my library up some time) and I think I might actually have a heart attack if I lost it all.


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