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I’ve come to realize that people (in general) are fickle creatures. I am not talking about the little issues in our day to day but in life changing experiences. We say one thing but down the road we turn our backs to our word and change the future forever. Very rarely do we think of the consequences of actions that will take place in the future because the result of the “now” is so appealing. In the long run though it is those short term decisions that will come back to haunt you.

Maybe this is where my distrust (I should say lack of trust) of people comes from. People will look you squarely in the eye and tell you something and you believe them. Why? Because you’ve known them, you’ve trusted them before, why shouldn’t you trust them now. Then, for a while, they follow through with their word, but not for long. As time goes on they either forget what they said or they no longer care about what they said so their word is gone. It may suit their needs today or tomorrow but next month or next year they’ll be wishing they could get their words back.


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