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The Nirvana boxed set was released this past Tuesday and all I can say is “wow”. The three CD set contains a huge collection of never released Nirvana demos and B-sides. Most notably is the release of the “Endless, Nameless” track that was only available as a secret track on the first 200 Nevermind albums (of which I have one), “Sappy”, “Verse Chorus Verse”, “D-7”, and “Oh The Guilt”.

The set also contains live perfomances of other unreleased tracks, ones that I am guessing they did not have demo tracks or B-sides for. The set is definitely a must have for any grunge or Nirvana fan.

I would suggest buying the set at a local store though because of the Amazon price that is close to $50.00. You can buy it in the store for $35.00.


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