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I had a good Thanksgiving with the family (as I hope you all did). We spent most of Thursday in Snyder, about 70 miles southeast of Lubbock. The men/boys left the women in the kitchen (hey, it’s what they wanted) and headed out to go quail hunting. One of the guys that took us hunting brought a Brittany Spaniel to “point” and we hunted with her for about 2 hrs. It was really cool to watch the dog just follow her instinct. She had no training but knew how to go ahead of our hunting line, find the quail, and point them until we caught up with her. The only downside was that she had no retriever in her so when we did get something she would not go pick it up (we had to search through the brush). We only got 4 quail, none of which were mine or my dad’s. We had a good time though, which is all that matters.

After hunting we ate lunch as a group and watched the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions game.

And what better way to end the day than some good old fashion skeet shooting. I figured out that if I would have done this before going quail hunting I probably would have a lot more. Ah well.

It was a great Thanksgiving and I had a really good time. Hope you all did!

Tomorrow we are going to see Texas Tech take on Oklahoma State. Wreck ‘Em Tech!


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