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Scott Yang has a great analogy about Pharisees and Sadducees and how they relate to modern day Evangelical Preachers and Liberal Politicians.

I think Scott’s post pretty much sums it up. I watched a special on CNN this evening and it really showed what Americans think of Christians. Not just Evangelical ones, just Christians in general. They questioned whether prisons that use church as their center are constitutional, stating that God may not be what rehabilitates prisoners and that they are pressing their faith on others. I cannot say that every prisoner that attends church will be rehabilitated but I believe there will be some that are. The people who ran these prison churches said that they did not press their beliefs on the congregation of prisoners or force them to accept Christ. They witnessed to them.

The one stunning thing that they did show was a young girl who’s parents had raised her in a Christian home. That’s fine. What was disturbing/confusing was that this girl claimed to accept Christ when she was 3 yrs. old. I am not sure I understand that. At what age can a person accept Christ and become born again? I am not saying the girl is not saved because that is not my place to judge, I am just trying to understand salvation at such a young age.


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