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Rain will be around the rest of the week. It is not pouring rain or anything like that, it is a steady, depressing drizzle. I walked home from school in it and by the time I got to my block I was soaked. I enjoyed it but I do not think I can take 4 more days of it. I feel like I am back in Houston except it is cold…

My week will consist of me studying as much as possible so that I can enjoy Thanksgiving weekend with my family. I am meeting with a professor tomorrow to discuss taking an independent studies class that would allow me to free up a spot in my schedule for lunch because as it stands right now I go for about 6 hrs. straight a day with no lunch break.

I’ve made some time over the last few days to play America’s Army. My connection at home sucks so I usually go to a friend’s house to play. It is weird to play again, but it is nice.


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