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I have been trying to tackle this issue for a while now and I still have not come up with a good solution.

My requirements are to backup MySQL databases that reside on multiple servers and then download the backup files (*.sql) to a local machine so that they can be burned to a CD.

The two solutions that I have come up with are:

  1. A Python script that runs the commands from a local machine.
  2. A Shell script that runs on the remote machines to backup the databases and a script that runs on the local machine to download the backups

My problem is deciding which way is more efficient and easier to use. Since we are usually adding sites at a rate of about 2 a month I need to be able to edit a config file with all of the new database’s information so that it can be backed up as well.

Anyone dealt with this before? Ideas? (e-mail me: s [AT] badice [DOT] com


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