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After getting to school this morning I thought I would try to access the site that I mentioned yesterday to see if it was possible from on campus.

Not surprisingly I was not blocked. So, I went through Russell’s comments and found that every comment I had made had been deleted. One comment that I remember posting had to do with voter turnout and I mentioned the snow and how it had not hindered voting here. He also deleted the comment where I asked him a question about his political views. None of these comments were flames whatsoever, but Russell is not going to address that or admit that his actions were unneccessary.

This post is not meant to be an attack on Russell, it is an attack on his methods and his censorship. I know that his site is private property so Freedom of Speech does not apply but since the democrats/left are so against violating the Constitution. So Mr. Beattie, thank you for being the exception to the rule. It’s posts like this, this, and this that give the left a bad name.


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