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I understand not agreeing with each other but being hypocritical is a whole different ball game. I visited Russell Beattie’s blog and posted a couple of comments challenging some of his liberal rhetoric. None of the posts were bad or attacking, they basically just questioned a couple of his posts. Well, I guess Russell did not enjoy it and since I posted the second question I have not been able to reach his site. I know the site is up because friends have been able to get there.

What is really funny about the whole situation is that most liberals (Russell included) have been kicking and screaming for the 1st and 4th Amendments to be protected by not electing Bush, yet when someone says something that contradicts what they have to say they just shut it right off and forget their own words. Like I have said time and time again, they only want what suits them at a particular time. That is ok Russell, I have a domain and have the freedom to express myself here. Keep censoring things, let people only read what you want them to.


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