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Let’s face it, the left and more specifically the Democrats, shot themselves in the foot this election. They supported a candidate that could not give a straight answer or explain his policies. They supported a man who’s morals were waivering and most American’s want certainty. They also do not want to change presidents in the middle of a war.

But I think the real thing that hurt the Democrats were comments like this, this, or this.

I can understand being dissappointed in not having your candidate elected but to be so angry, hateful, and just plain rude is not anything to be so open about. To say that this country would have been better off with Kerry elected is not only ignorant, it is almost stupid. How do you know it would have been better? You don’t. He could have been the worst president in the world, but you would not complain, why? Because you voted for him. You thought that his stance on things would suit the needs of you. Maybe it is time to get off of the self-centered crap and focus on the big picture, the country. The goal of the government is to serve the people, notice it is not to serve “a person” but “the people”.

To be honest, I am tired of people being such babies when they do not get their way. It is almost as bad as listening to 2 yr. olds whine about not getting their toy in the store. Until someone can give me hard proof evidence that this country would have, without a doubt been better off with Kerry, then I am going to have to say that 51% of American voters wanted Bush back and that’s the way the world turns. And since there is no way to prove that Kerry could have done a better job, I am content to believe that this country is on its way to being stronger.

Do this country a favor, drop the partisan facade and back the country and don’t worry about your own self-interests.


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