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I think I may have finally discovered the reasoning behind the Left’s point of view and interestingly enough it may be education… From what I have been reading recently a lot of people from the Left seem to believe that George Bush is on a road to destroy their Constitutional rights. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is not going to happen.

Making comments like “Say goodbye to your 4th Amendment rights” are ignorant and they prove that there is no understanding of the way the Supreme Court and our democratic system works. We have not had a Patriot Act case in the Supreme Court but I am going to predict that we will in the near future and I can guarantee that the 4th Amendment will be upheld, no matter who is on the Court at the time. How can I be so sure you ask? There is a concept called ‘precedence‘ that the Supreme Court follows because of its Constitutional obligation. Precedence basically means that previous rulings are used to make decisions in future rulings. Out of this we have seen Miranda Warning and Roe v. Wade.

The Supreme Court’s job is to interpret the law in relation to former cases and make their rulings based on that. They are not there to make moral decisions, they are there to be interpreters. For this reason they have turned to the 14th Amendment for the gay marriage issue. They feel that it is a moral issue and should be left up to the states to decide, which, is the way it should be. Bush will never be able to get a Gay Marriage Ban put in place because the Supreme Court would immediately strike it down as being unconstitutional based on their previous rulings on the subject.

Please, I beg of everyone, not just those on the left, to read and inform yourself. There are too many people getting information from one source and one source only and taking that as the final word. Do research on the things that you really feel affect you and come to your decision with your own cognitive power instead of listening to someone like Michael Moore fill your mind with partial truths mixed in with lies.


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