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Well, last night was going great as I watched the first few innings of the NLCS. The Astros were winning and things were looking up. I decided that I would go to church since things were looking good.

I got to church around 8pm and tried out my SprintPCS Vision phone to see how the internet functionality out. The service pulls live scores from ESPN. It also pulls the number of outs, who’s on base, what the last play was, and other little things. I was impressed. The one thing that I was dissappointed in was the fact that it did not auto-refresh to show me updated information.

Back to the baseball game…

As the night progressed the feeling became worse. It was not Clemens fault that we lost, it was the team as a whole. You cannot only get 3 hits and expect to beat anyone. It was a poor showing all around.

Oh well, next year we’ll get them.

Go Sox! ‘Reverse the Curse!’


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