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I have seen a lot of sites with videos with different key Republican speakers mentioning September 11th in their remarks. The videos emphasize how much they use September 11 in their speeches. Ok, will someone explain to me what the Democrats actually want?!

You make fun of Bush and the Republican party by showing these videos but then you support Kerry for attacking Bush for “not doing enough”. I hate to break it to you all but Bush isn’t just talk (I guess you don’t pay much attention to current events). Bush actually took the initiative that others wouldn’t. So what if he mentions it in his speeches, it was a turning point in American history. I would love to know how many times Kerry used the words “security” and “September 11” as well. But then it wouldn’t be funny anymore, the Democrats would raise a fuss about Kerry trying to make changes and his words are showing that.

Just keep your mouth shut for a second… Since September 11 this country has not had a terrorist attack. No embassies have been bombed, no U.S. ships have had suicide bombers drive boats into them. Why? Because Bush took a stand. He didn’t turn around and expect the American public to forget the towers and the Pentagon and the people who died inside.

Don’t give me crap about Iraq. I know a lot of you would like to tell me that there are terrorists over there killing Americans and I’d agree, except for the fact that a majority of those over there either chose to be there or they chose to join the armed forces (and if you join the armed forces there’s a chance you are going to see combat, go figure). Am I saying those people’s deaths are acceptable? No, not by any means. I am saying that people need to understand the fighting and the fact that as of right now there is no easy solution to the problem except to fight it out. Kerry wants the American public to think that he has some super plan to take care of Iraq, I would really enjoy him trying to explain it. I think it would be something like “Well…. We’re going to be doing the same thing we’ve been doing, but better”.

Alright, I’ll step off of the stool for a while.


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