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Very few things really get under my skin but one that digs deep is telling me someone sings something/wrote something and acting like that is the final answer when in all actuality it isn’t.

Take for example this evening… The radio was on and “Pinball Wizard” came on. It was the “The Who” version but the first thing my friend said was “Elton John sings this”. I rolled my eyes and said “No, this isn’t Elton John it’s ‘The Who'”. Before I had a chance to finish my statement she snaps back saying she knows it’s Elton John and she wants to bet me. Well, I know what she is thinking, she’s thinking about Tommy and it’s Broadway version. I know that Elton John made an appearance in the movie and had a single that was released on the album and in the U.K. but it is not the version that they play (for the most part) in the U.S. Most people don’t like Elton John’s version (myself included) and prefer the Pete Townshend version.

So my friend continues to argue with me even though the people we were with knew that she was wrong and were trying to tell her. It frustrates me that people take their one source as fact and don’t take the time to learn things for themselves (she was told it was Elton John by her dad so therefore it was set in stone fact).


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