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Two friends and I decided to take a trip home to Sugar Land this weekend just for the heck of it. We left Friday morning around 5:30am and arrived in Sugar Land around 2:40pm. It was a long trip but was completely worth it. All of us had a great time seeing our families.

My dad bought a truck while I was in town and my grandparents came to town as well so it was a good trip for me.

We got a late start coming back to Lubbock today because I am not too bright and locked my keys in my truck and had to call AAA to come unlock it. But other than that little incident the trip back was rather uneventful. We did see a truck almost hit an 18 wheeler head on while driving back. The driver of the truck decided that he would try and pass in a no pass area and he didn’t see the semi coming around the bend. He was lucky and the guy he was trying to pass moved out of the way.

So that’s where I’ve been all weekend. Now it’s time to get back to school…


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