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I watched part of the Presidential debate last night and was pleasantly surprised to hear Bush doing such a good job of holding his own. Kerry did not offer much and once again he skirted around multiple questions, not even answering a few. The one question that stood out the most was when he was asked where the money for his healthcare plan would come from. He never actually said where the money would come from, he just told people what his healthcare plan would allow them to do. Bush’s reaction to this was priceless, he looked at Kerry and laughed. The healthcare system that Kerry envisions is a pipedream. It is monetarily impossible (of course he’s not going to tell you that, he wants your vote).

Another thing that got me was that Kerry kept going back to the war. This wasn’t a foreign policy debate! People care about the war but they also care about what’s going on right here at home with their retirement, their taxes, etc.

If Kerry gets elected then I am basically saying goodbye to Social Security. I’m not comfortable with that. I do not want to work till I’m 80 to survive. And that (though it may be exaggerated a little) is exactly why I wouldn’t want Kerry in office.

There are two groups of democrats, the ones who support their candidate and those who are completely blind to a candidates policies. If you are going to vote, vote for the person that has the record of doing something you like or you feel is right. Don’t take the media’s word for it, watch for yourself, make your own decision. Don’t be sucked in to vote for someone because your friend told you to. There are rights and wrongs in both camps and you need to decide which camp you want to be in.


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