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One thing that annoys me is when people post something like this. It’s not the whole post that gets me, it’s the part about Bush. Why is it that people actually write something that they’ve heard without doing a little research.

How in any way did Bush let Bin-Laden get away? Did the people at Tora Bora not move fast enough? No.

Bush didn’t say “hey soldiers, let him get a head start”… If anyone did it was Clinton and no one (read, Democrats) seems to want to believe that either. It is public record that the Sudanese government wanted Bin-Laden out of their country and offered to turn him over to the U.S. Clinton refused. Then the embassy bombings occurred and the Sudanese government offered Bin-Laden up again and again, Clinton refused. Then the there was the USS Cole disaster and the Sudanese government offered him up one last time stating that they were worried he was going to flee the country. What did Clinton do? He refused. Then he tried to make up for his mistake by using cruise missiles to kill Bin-Laden in Afghanistan. That failed.

Clinton had the information and refused to use it. His administration felt that saving the trees and supporting Green Peace was more important.

What I think is going to happen is that the people of this country will look back on Bush’s presidency and realize how much he really has done. But for now the best that most people can do is make statements that they can’t back up.


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