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I may never eat fast food again. I watched Super Size Me last night and I am dumbfounded.

If you have not heard about this movie it is a documentary about the fast food industry (McDonalds specifically) and the health problems that it presents. The director of the movie is also the test subject and he ends up eating 30 days of McDonalds three times a day.

I am not going to go into details about the outcome (but you can guess) but I will say that it makes me question myself eating fast food anymore. We wonder why so much of America is obese, watching this movie explains a lot of it.

They spent some time in Houston (at the time the most obese city in the nation) in Memorial City and while he was there he was asked to “super size” 5 times out of the 9 total he was asked during his experiment.

If you haven’t seen this movie go and rent it and you will understand.


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