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Today I came home to more internet woes… The AirPort Extreme that we use decided to be hardheaded and not work for about 5 hrs. After going out and purchasing a Linksys wireless router and then finding out that a Windows PC had to be present to configure the router the Airport started working again. Very strange.

Josh contacted Apple and they will be sending us a new AirPort ASAP. So as I type this from the library using Tim’s (my boss) PowerBook I am wondering how my internet situation will pan out over the next few days. If you see me on AIM I probably won’t be on long enough to talk so don’t be offended.

Classes are going ok… I will be spending this week and probably this weekend at the library trying to be as prepared as possible for the tests in all of my classes.

At work I have a few projects that are on my plate for the near future. The main one being an e-commerce solution and the second one being a task tool/time management solution for a local company. The e-commerce solution will probably present the most challenge since it will have to interface with so much “outside” stuff. I am looking forward to learning more about the whole process and how to effectively design systems for online shoppers.


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