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I have to spend most of this week reading to get ready for tests. That, plus a lot of little things at work will make this week extra long.

The only positive note is that the weather has been great, though a little grey. The temperature has not reached 80 for the past few days, which is always a plus.

I verbally jumped on a friend this evening during a discussion about religion and I feel really bad about it. I know, I know, religion is one of those things that you can’t discuss but we were talking about other things and religion just slipped in. I’ll call the person tomorrow and apologize for being a little too harsh.

My boss brought out his Canon AE-1 today and taught me a little about it. I was thoroughly impressed and definitely want one of these cameras. I played with the shutter speed and exposure time and he mentioned that he’d let me take it out and use it some time.


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