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I’ve come to the realization that no matter what the government, president, or judicial system does in this country there is one group that will always feel it received the short end of the stick. Usually it’s not just one group it’s many and sometimes the groups that feel this way do not even agree with one another, they’re arguing their own side and are not worried about anyone else.

Maybe that’s the problem, too many people focused on number one. I understand why people are, they want what’s best for them and their families but at what point do we draw the line and say “just look at the bigger picture”. Political correctness needs to be thrown out the window. It should have been thrown out long ago. We are so worried about hurting someone’s feelings that we avoid saying anything at all.

What I find most <sarcasm>interesting</sarcasm> is the fact that a lot of groups that are calling (screaming) for political correctness are the same groups that are outright bashing others. They use no form of political correctness when addressing others but if they are not correctly identified bring on the lawsuits.

My last little part of my Tuesday rant is about the presidential race. I am tired of people bashing. If you do not have anything about your platform to say then just keep your mouth shut and get off the podium. It’s ok to say things like “His reform doesn’t include this”, etc, etc. but to full out say “His policies are idiotic”, where’s the necessity in that. That is like a 3rd grader calling someone a “doo-doo head” after not having a good comeback. Grow up Mr. Kerry. Grow up. What really makes me angry is the fact that you keep talking about how our boys in Iraq need more support and yet you voted against sending them more body armour and more vehicles. Hypocrite.


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