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Well, I ended up being busy this weekend and will probably be busy all week with school and work, so reworking this site completely is going to take more time than I thought.

I’ve tried to throw it all together but haven’t been able to put enough time into it to make it look right or work correctly. If everything goes as planned this week I should have some time on the weekend to work on it a good amount.

If you have been noticing my AIM status fluctuating (offline, then on, then off again) it is because of the AirPort Extreme that we are using here at home… We talked to Apple support about it and they suggested some things and we have determined that the Extreme is probably bad, so now we have to send that in and get a replacement. Once again, I may be without internet for a while.

On that note, I haven’t been able to play America’s Army in like a month. I’m going through withdrawals.

Almost forgot, I’ve noticed in the site’s visitor logs that there are a lot people looking for a RSS file. Bad news, there isn’t one. I am working on the XML for it, laying it out the way I want, so be patient.


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