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The second of week of school has passed and I am becoming more and more convinced that this semester is going to be a push over.

My management class, while interesting, is very slow and at times almost able to put me to sleep. The professor is very good but she sidetracks herself so much that it ruins the content of the lecture. Some of the examples that she has given in class I can already see being very useful in the future, she just needs to work on her presentation style.

My programming and database classes are both extremely easy. We will be covering PHP, MySQL,, and probably a little JSP. All server side technologies with very little focus on anything client side. My database class is, as far as I can tell, a theory class almost completely. The professor has mentioned that we will be doing some SQL but we will mostly focus on the ideas behind effective database design.

The Poli-Sci professor announced today that she would be dropping a test, meaning that we would only have to take 3 tests and a final (optional). It’s good and bad news. Less tests mean less of a chance to make up for any mistakes but I am not too worried about that to be completely honest. I’ll probably spend this Sunday reading the required congressional information this weekend.

Oddly enough, I caught an article in the University Daily a few days ago that mentioned that the Rawls College of Business at Tech would be moving. From what I gathered they are going to move it closer to the library (there is some open land there). Their reasoning was a need for more space because of the number business students increasing over the past few years. So what are they going to do with the current building? The article stated that it would be used as a general classroom building. I am all for this move. The building has been extremely crowded these first few weeks of school and even though I probably won’t be at Tech when they finish the building I know that building a new business school is the best decision Tech could make.


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