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I have been thinking about just using my Gmail account as my primary e-mail account but I am somewhat reluctant for a few reasons.

  • No true POP3/IMAP support. This is a big negative for using Gmail because I like my current IMAP account so much.
  • More capabilities with using a local mail client. Using something Mozilla Thunderbird gives me the ability to have multiple signatures, unlimited space (as big as my hosting account), and more control over what my e-mail looks like.

As of right now I am thinking of buying another domain personalized for me and using that domain for e-mail and a personal site. Still haven’t made up my mind though.

School starts in 6 days and I already have a couple of my books (I am still waiting for another to arrive in the mail). is a God-send. Being able to buy books at such a reduced price is great and the two that I’ve already received are in great shape, so no dissappointments there.


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