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We are waiting on my new PC here at work so I get to work on a new Power Mac G5. It is a fairly high end model with dual 2.0 Ghz processors, 1.5 GB of RAM, 250GB harddrive, and a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card. I am thoroughly impressed with the usability of the Mac. I spent most of my time today coding some new modules for a past product and I was able to switch between my terminal, my browser, my coding application and my local folders a lot more quickly than I am with the PC.

The keyboard that comes with the new Power Macs is awesome! The keys are soft and close enough together to where you don’t have to work to get a key combination to work.

I did notice that simple things like tabbing over in a form didn’t work as I thought it would and I found that Firefox and Safari both skipped over dropped down lists. I also realized that the “End” key didn’t work when I was coding. Whenever I wanted to go to a line of code and add something to the end I was forced to use the arrow keys which though small was annoying enough for me to get frustrated.

Other than that I am jaw-dropped by the machine… If I had the money I would definitely consider purchasing one.


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