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Driving to the store on Saturday I noticed that the shifting mechanism did not line up with the gear that the transmission was in. So when it looked like the truck was in reverse it was really parked. I had this problem fixed not too long ago (February to be exact) and I took it back to the people who did the work originally, Gene Messer Ford.

While I was waiting on them to fill out some paperwork I had 3 different employees give me suggestions on other service I could do to my truck from an oil change to an injection cleaning. When they said I needed an oil change I just gave him a funny look and said “I just changed it about 2 months ago” so he proceeded to show me the color of the oil in my truck, it was brown. He showed me a sample of what it should look like, clear. Uhh, I don’t know what kind of car this guy was driving but I don’t know of any oil in any ones car that’s clear.

Stop trying to sell me stuff I don’t really need and just fix my car. It’s that simple.


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