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Someone asked me today exactly where I stand on the upcoming election. I responded by saying that there were certain things with both candidates that I did not support and there were certain things I did. The breaker right now is the fact that John Kerry cannot shoot straight with the public, at all. He doesn’t lie because he doesn’t know which lie to tell.

I do support Kerry’s stance on sending jobs overseas. I feel that Bush could have kept jobs here and allowed the economy to grow naturally. To be honest though I do not really support either candidate’s tax proposals. Neither of them will pan out to get the job done, all they will do is make one side of the spectrum mad at the other.

Gay marriage? I personally am not a supporter of gay marriage but I also understand the seperation of Church and State. I feel that it is no right of the government to ban a church from marrying gay couples but I also feel that the government cannot force a church to marry them if the church does not support it.

That’s pretty much where I stand. I support the war in Iraq because I feel that something should have been done about Saddam during the Clinton administration when Hussein blatantly defied the U.N. and its inspectors. Clinton had the power then, but he blinked and faltered.


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