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Just for the record, I really do not enjoy phone meetings. I don’t enjoy long phone conversations for that matter, unless it’s someone I really want to talk to.

This morning was a meeting with another client on the east coast who we have been doing some programming for. He’s a smart guy but he doesn’t understand the concept of being billed for new development and fixing bugs. If there’s a bug in the work we have done for him, we fix it, no problem. However, when he wants a feature completely changed or something new added that means billable hours.

I am not sure if he understands that we cannot make exceptions for him and bend the rules, so I basically had to stop him and tell him that the things he was asking for were all billable. That cleared the air right away and the rest of the phone conversations went over well.

I am still making decisions as to how I want to get music in the future. I am torn between iTunes because of its ease of use and just buying music at the store and ripping it. The AAC format that Apple has decided to encode their music in is not compatible with WinAmp (my music player of choice) and that is a huge downside. WinAmp too has its own share of downfalls. You can no longer rip CDs to MP3 format without paying WinAmp $14.95, a small amount of money, but it still defeats the purpose.

So lately I have been messing with different rippers and encoders to see which one I like best. I’ll let you all know when I make a decision.


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