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We are in for another one of God’s light shows tonight. There is a storm headed this way from just south of Amarillo and from here (about 120 miles away) you can see most of it.

It is amazing to see huge storm clouds lit up by lightning at night. You see nothing and then a bolt of lightning and you see a huge mass of a cloud. If I had a digital camera I would take some pictures and share them.

Development at work is going very well. Tomorrow we should finish up our work on one aspect of the project and we will start discussing the way to move forward to port our work to the other sub-companies of this bank. We are trying our best to keep the sites molded together on the front and in the database aspect. My co-worker (Andrew) is a really good database designer and has done a spectacular job laying out the current database so all that lays ahead is planning to extend the database to even more companies. Should go well but we’ll see.


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