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After being home and using my parent’s 17″ flat panel monitor I have come to realize how useful a high resolution is. More screen real estate does equal more productivity.

The more you can fit on the screen the more you can see at once and the more you can see at once the less clicking and searching you have to do. Little timesavers like that add up big in the end.

So what’s my point? Well, it would be great to have a new computer with a video card that supported dual monitors so that I could use two 17″ LCDs (or CRTs) to do my work. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

So Sugar Land is boring. I tried to go to Target last night with a couple of friends (who haven’t seen in a year) but it was closed at 11:30pm! Wal-Mart was next on our list because it should be open 24hrs. but it was closed! What is going on in this town?

Wal-Mart boasts that they are open 24hrs. well, they better get their facts straight.

I really do not like some of the Logitech keyboards, especially the one my parents have. The keys are hard to press and they stick occassionally which is extremely annoying when you are trying to type an e-mail and you have to backspace every few sentences to fix something that the keyboard caused. I may just go buy them a new keyboard because this thing has to go.

I am feeling pretty good though a little tired so it will probably be a few more days before I am up to 100%.

Well, I didn’t spend all of my time in Tyler like originally planned. I got sick on the road near Ft. Worth and my grandparents came and picked me up. I stayed at their house yesterday and my parents met them in Lufkin to pick me up and now they want me to go to a doctor here in town even though I’m feeling better so I’ll probably go and get checked out, again.

I am leaving for home tomorrow. I will be in Tyler until Sunday and then in Sugar Land till around the 7th of August. I am not sure if I will be doing much updating but if you need to reach me you can e-mail me or call me. My e-mail address (for those who don’t know) is ssegraves [at] alltel dot net.

The doctor’s appointment went ok, he says that my headaches are tension headaches from stress and not enough sleep, that mixed with allergies have made them really bad. Basically he told me that I needed to take more vitamin C with my regular vitamins and drink a ton of water.

So that’s good news…

I am feeling a lot better today but I am still going to go to the doctor today (finally got an appointment). I am still feeling a little like my head is a balloon but that’s about it.

I leave Friday to head back to Sugar Land. I’ll probably leave town around 8am and head to Arlington to have lunch with a friend and then down to Tyler to see my grandparents. My plan is to stay with them for a couple of days and then head south to Sugar Land. Then I’ll be in Sugar Land for a little over a week before driving back up here to move into my new place.

If you are in town when I come home give me a call, we’ll hangout.

Well, I had planned to go to the doctor today but every number that I had written down from my healthcare provider’s website went to either a non-working number or the wrong doctor’s office. So it looks as though I will be trying again tomorrow.

My flu symptoms have for the most part gone away. Now I am stuck with really, really bad headaches and pressure behind my right eye. From talking to people it sounds like maybe a sinus infection, which with my ear somewhat starting to hurt, makes sense. I am going to try and get some good rest tonight because I am really needed at work to finish up a couple of projects before I head home and move out of this apartment!

In other news, Apple announced the new versions of their iPod. They have taken a lot of features from the iPod Mini but still left the functionality of the iPod there. I am glad that I have delayed my buying of one…

I’ve been feeling very weird the last few days and last night I was at my worst. I am guessing that it’s the flu but I am going to the doctor tomorrow just to get it checked out and make sure it isn’t anything else.

I think my plan for today is to veg out and sleep and drink a lot of fluids. Since it rained last night (and looks like it will rain more today) it’s just one of those days to sit around and do nothing.

Replaced the spark plugs and wires in my truck yesterday. One of the plugs we found was completely burnt out and was probably barely firing. The truck is now firing pretty well and it seems to have a little more bounce to its step.