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There’s a lengthy discussion going on at Sitepoint Forums about Wal-Mart selling websites. Some folks are very worried about this but not me. If people are looking for a quick way to get a canned design up, then let them go to Wal-Mart. When they realize that there is so much more they can do with their site they will contact people in the design/programming business.

I don’t really think this idea will take off with people anyway. When businesses think websites and internet they do not think Wal-Mart. In the past Wal-Mart has been able to dominate markets by basically forcing their suppliers to drop prices. They promise to buy more (and they do) to make up for the cost difference and this has led to companies becoming dependent on the business that Wal-Mart provides. So much so that a lot of the suppliers have moved their operations to Arkansas. I really do not think that is what Sam Walton had in mind when he started his chain.


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