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We were talking about Nascar at work on Friday and we pretty much all agreed that we did not understand the lure of the racing. I mean, yeah, it is interesting to see the end of a race or a wreck but to watch a whole race is just unbearable. The interesting thing is that Nascar is the fastest growing sport in the country.

I was flipping channels tonight and came up on the Busch series Federated Auto Parts 300, this race was rain delayed and was restarted about an hour before this post. The race will probably run till 2am CST. What really amazed me was the fact that the stands were still filled with people. It did not look like anyone left. What is the draw in this sport?

Anyone who knows the history of Nascar knows that its origins lies in bootlegging. The bootleggers would put hot-rod parts into their cars to outrun police who were trying to stop them from selling illegal homeade alcohol. Wow, what an inspiration for a sport, drinking and running from the law…


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