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It was one of those days when you actually get a lot done but you don’t feel like anything was actually accomplished. My main project at work has been drawn out even longer because of customer prompted changes. No, they were not mistakes on our part, the customer just changed his mind (and probably will continue to change his mind) so I get more work. I am just wanting the piece of software to be complete and move on and maybe come back to it later.

There comes a point when you are working on something and you just become burnt out on it and need to start on something fresh. Well, Monday I get to start my project planning on the programming side of First Bank & Trust. Don’t worry, the site is getting a complete overhaul from our design guys while I get to program the whole dynamic side of the site. It will be a refreshing change from what I am working on now which has to be kept under wraps because of the nature of its use.

So, basically I just need a change of pace. I think everyone needs one some time or ‘nother. Maybe a road trip or something… I may head to Amarillo or Roswell just to get out of town for a weekend. Don’t know exatly what I’ll do when I get there but something different would be nice.


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